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From the age of 14 to 15, my top and bottom rows of teeth were encased in uncomfortable, unattractive, and wholly unsubtle stainless steel braces.

When I first had braces, I was your average 14-year-old: spotty and deeply insecure.A year, which is how long I am expected to wear my braces, does not feel like eternity stretching before me as it did back then.In fact, I find it mind-boggling to think that I have been wearing my braces for five months already.No, it was better to avoid kissing altogether, which is what I did for almost the whole of 2006. Being a 25-year-old with braces is an entirely different ballgame.Although I have an inexplicable urge to tell everyone I speak to that I am wearing adult braces (despite the fact that they can clearly see for themselves once they get close enough), I have learned that it is far better to own them than to shrink into the sidelines with an eerie, closed-mouth half-smile.

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I put off getting braces for several years, unable to face it, during which my teeth continued to get more crooked.