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I'm not sexually active, but believe I will be able to engage when the day comes that I'm no longer single. It's a dull but continuous itch/discomfort where I am always aware of and thinking about the issue... Fountain Hills, AZ I have been in a lot of pain, discomfort, and itchiness before I went to see Dr. I was always having problems with yeast and bacterial infections as I grew up as a child.Now, because of the understanding and treatment by Dr. My symptoms are minimal, I don't think about it and am not as self-conscious about my vagina. By the time I turned 19 years of age it had gotten so bad that I would always be at my doctors and being prescribed medication that use to get rid of symptoms I was experiencing.If you have external burning, itching, irritation and or dryness and wish to do something immediately before you have the opportunity to come see Dr. By my wedding we were able to have sex though it was still slightly uncomfortable.Fowler in Phoenix, click on the button located above on the header above titled "Products for Sensitive Genital Skin." Order this collection of products and get underway! I had been suffering with vulvodynia for six months and had seen many different doctors with no relief. Every day I dwelled on how to end this horrible, all consuming pain I was experiencing. By 7 months I was almost 80% better and for about a year afterwards was able to have enjoyable sex 1-2 times a week!The good news is I finally found Doctor Fowler while scouring the internet in a desperate search for relief. Finally, an expert in this silent, mis-understood and misdiagnosed syndrome. Fowler takes the guess work out of the equation and tailor makes the right protocol for you. In addition to physical pain and feeling hopeless about getting relief since I had read some opinions that there is no cure and they don't know what causes it. Fowler's website and read testimonials and while it seemed too good to be true, I figured I had nothing to lose so I flew to Phoenix to see him. Really quickly I began to feel better and now 4 months into it, I'm about 90% better and MANY DAYS I FEEL 100%. I tried acupuncture, a herbalist, a naturopathic doctor and a physiotherapist costing me over 00.00, all to no avail. Fowler, so I took a leap of faith and made the 1300 mile trek. If you are wondering "I've already tried so many different things and spent so much money and nothing has helped, why would Dr. I was able to finally schedule a follow up a year and a half later and am very optimistic because I know the results that can be achieved this time. It is very costly as a college student to continue tests and treatments.I now live free of chronic vaginal and vestibular burning. I feel gross and do not want to conduct sexual activities.

My soon to be husband walked into the room and saw how upset I was and he sat down beside me. Fowler I was committed to the treatment protocol and followed it extremely close- I wasn't expecting results quickly but found that I was feeling so much better after only a few weeks.After the first visit following all of his instructions on special things I needed to change in my daily life and the vaginal and vulvar treatment, by the second visit in 4 months I was already 80% better. Now 8 months later I'm 100% better and not afraid to have a relationship with men again.I would highly recommend any woman with similar symptoms to not give up and go see Dr. Navato, CA"Symptoms of constant vaginal burning and irritation caused me so much stress and worry and anxiety.I had seen a number of doctors who could not find out what was wrong with me. I am working out again and enjoying time with my family and friends. My skin on my vagina was red I felt on fire most of the time, like I was having a yeast infection.I felt so alone and worried over what this could be and how much it was affecting my life. My doctors gave me steroid creams and anti-depressant medication. I tried every kind of home remedy for yeast infection and for vulvodynia. I was miserable I couldn't have sex, couldn't stand without being itchy and nothing was fixing it.

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He encouraged me to look for a specialist to see what is wrong that there had to be a deeper cause for it that my current doctors can't cure. I read testimonials then I read of all the different types of conditions women struggle from that most doctors can't diagnose for the lack of lab equipment they have. Fowler my symptoms and how I heard about him he seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. He explained to me that I had inflammatory vaginitis. The news I got was a relief to me that I didn't have to live in so much pain for the rest of my life. I would recommend him to all women who are unsure if they are having a problem down their. Fowler I had vaginal discharge and odor that was affecting my personal life, at work as well as in the bedroom. Fowler regiment I was 100% better with no more odor or discharge and continue to be asymptomatic. Regular use of Clobetasol for the first 3 years eliminated my symptoms. I have had chronic vaginal discharge that caused constant irritation, burning, and itching.