Kenya sex

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Kenya sex

The government reported prosecution of 65 trafficking cases, more than double than in the previous reporting period, and conviction of 33 traffickers, a significant increase from seven in 2013.In 2014, the government identified 658 child trafficking victims in 18 of Kenya’s 47 counties.Seventeen cases remained pending at the end of the reporting period, while six cases were withdrawn, one case was pending arrest of the suspect, and one case ended in an acquittal.

In August 2014, the government established the Counter-Trafficking in Persons Advisory Committee (advisory committee), as mandated by the act, which met regularly and updated Kenya’s national action plan.Children are exploited in prostitution by those working in sectors such as khat (a mild narcotic) cultivation areas, near Nyanza’s gold mines, along the coast by truck drivers transporting stones from quarries, and by fishermen on Lake Victoria.Kenyans voluntarily migrate to other East African nations, South Sudan, Angola, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East—particularly Saudi Arabia and Oman—in search of employment, where at times they are exploited in domestic servitude, massage parlors and brothels, or forced manual labor.However, prosecutors rarely pursue cases under these provisions of the act.The government reported 65 prosecutions of trafficking offenses and 33 convictions during the reporting period.

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