Mistakes women make on dating profiles Free group cam sex

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Mistakes women make on dating profiles

Dear Reader, If you are one of the many Westerners who harbor the myth that most or all Russian women are desperate to leave their country or want a green card, then please read my article below and consider the twelve points that I make which prove that it to be a narrow-minded egocentric American myth.These points are based on my experiences of being 6 months in Russia, visiting 9 cities, and meeting hundreds of people there.I have heard that in Saudi Arabia, the natives see Americans there who came on a spiritual pilgrimage to Mecca, which they consider the spiritual center of the world.This leads them to assume that most Americans must be desperate to leave their country to come to Saudi Arabia and Mecca. After all, that's what they see going on in their country.However, this common myth is completely wrong, and I will demonstrate this from every factual angle. Before I begin though, remember that Americans are not the standard to compare the rest of the world by.Just because people in other countries are different from here doesn't mean that they must have ulterior motives.

You can read about this in more detail at: check out the FAQ's and misconceptions section of: folks, but the truth is, in real life you can't "buy" or "order" a bride from Russia, contrary to the fictional concept created by our media.

To get an idea of how Russian people's views, check out these interviews with everyday people there at this site.

You will see that almost none of them are trying to leave their country: Now, here is a question for the Westerners out there who believe in this myth.

Why can't people be naturally different or have different attitudes and behaviors without having ulterior motives or something fishy up their sleeve?

Furthermore, American women are not the default standard set by God for how all women should be, and thank goodness for that too. Out of them all, only ONE of them is eager to move to America (or perhaps Italy, she says). Do you really think that 1 out of 115 constitutes a majority?

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According to the statistics on the Myths section of Elena's site ( the percentage of the women in Russia affiliated with marriage agencies looking for foreign men is about 0.13 percent of the total population. Such a stat is only an estimate of course, but the point is that the women looking to leave their country for good is a very small percentage of the whole, contrary to what many Americans believe and what our media likes to perpetuate.

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