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The "Alabama Cattlemen", the association's monthly magazine keeps members current on new ideas, equipment, and cattle sales.The livestock industry is one of Alabama's largest agricultural products in terms of cash sales. USDA figures show there are 25,000 farms in Alabama with beef cows.It works to protect, promote, and advance the state's billion beef cattle industry.The Alabama Cattlemen's Association works on behalf of livestock producers to educate consumers, influence farming legislation and promote beef.by ALACOWMAN (Posted Thu, GMT 5)Muddy wrote:elkwc wrote: Regardless of which breed/breeds a breeder uses he needs to be careful in his selection.There are many good Angus that sire uniformity and consistency. Just because an individual looks good doesn't mean he will breed that way.But I have 5 replacement heifers I serviced this fall. Two were extremely nervous and moved so much it was not much fun. Please by Walnut Crest (Posted Thu, GMT 5)BRYANT wrote:a lot of people will not agree but I see people with a small set up doing well with a registered herd of Scottish Hilands seem people will buy the calves as a novelty, or for a small acreage pets and they are pushing them a being better for you to eat.I know of someone selling weaning calves for around 1500.00 that I would not give a 100.00 for.

What was in the woodpile is what concerns me with some Angus and many Polled Herefords. 1561.l2649 Odors by True Grit Farms (Posted Thu, GMT 5)Logar wrote: True Grit Farms wrote: We use mothballs for rodent control, it's not working so well this year.I will get one eventually.https://com/itm/292334102019? Proven fact that fertilizer, applied right and help from Ma.Nature, will provide you 10x in total returns of non fert. My replacement heifers by Bright Raven (Posted Thu, GMT 5)They look good.If I was going to start out as a small hobby cattle farm I would look at them. Don't get side-tracked if someone else has a different market and/or a different reason.The best part about this advice is a suggestion to being willing to do things differently than everyone else around you ...... IT'S THE PITTS -- THE BEST PRESENT EVER Like the coming of winter he arrives every year about this time.

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HUNTIN' DAYLIGHT -- CONSUMER IMPLICATIONS GROW WITH CARCASS SIZE For as much as steaks bolster carcass value and consumer beef demand, their growing size is costing the industry lots of jingle.

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